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TV Shows Hosted by David Dickinson

Dealing With Dickinson - BBC 1 - 8.00 pm - 2005

This 6 part series for BBC 1 saw me risking my own money, £50,00 no less! I chose six would-be Antique experts from two hundred hopeful members of the public and entrusted them with my £50,000 to see if with my help and advice they could turn a profit at a professional Antiques fair within six weeks. Th jeopardy was that If they turned a profit they got to keep it, but if they lost then it was my money they lost.

The show promised to show another side to me, the more serious business side. On Bargain Hunt you normally see a nice man saying 'everything's cheap as chips' and' hello everyone aren't we all having a lovely time' this show was meant to be slightly different and I admit I was seen to lose it a bit especially when a participant asked if I'd 'done my homework' !

Dickinson's Real Deal- ITV- Weekdays - 3.00 pm
2006 - the present

I am the anchor for this antiques based show where members of the public are invited to bring their antiques and collectables for an independent valuers estimate.

Some of these items are then passed to the dealers, who make their own valuation and try to purchase the pieces by placing a cash offer on the table.

I am on hand to give advice and discuss some pieces, eventually the valuers' estimations are revealed to the owner, the television audience and the dealer.

The seller then decides whether to accept or decline what the dealer has offered. If the deal is declined items I accompany the vendor to the local auction and in any event we try to secure for the seller the best price or 'real deal '.

dickinson's real deal


The David Dickinson Show - ITV - 3.00 pm - May 2010

My very own afternoon talk show, complete with a snazzy set, a very nice leather winged chair and even my own Butler!

The show gave the live audience and TV viewers a fine mix of items including celebrity chat, topical debate, even some cookery and a touch of antiques. We also ran a daily competition 'Seal the Deal'

I really enjoyed the varied live music acts which included Toni Braxton and Russell Watson


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