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David Dickinson Autobiography

David Dickinson's Autobiography "What a Bobby Dazzler"

Dive between the sheets with 'The Duke' and you won't be dissappointed. David speaks openly and honestly about the highs and lows of his fascinating personal life, and his many successful careers.

David Dickinson is a household name, the king of the catchphrase, undisputed darling of daytime TV and a true star. He's a respected antiques expert and exudes a taste for the finer things in life. But the road to his success has not been as smooth as his patter and he's learnt a lot at the school of hard knocks.

In his autobiography David tells how he grew up in a working class district of Manchester, and reveals how he discovered at age 12 that he was adopted. David also describes his early foray into wheeling and dealing in the garment industry in Manchester, as well as his stint in Manchester's notorious prison, Strangeways.

David was first introduced to showbiz when he travelled the world as the manager of his international cabaret star wife, Lorne. In his book David describes some of the remarkable people they met on their travels, and discloses the dark and dangerous side of showbiz he had no idea existed.

Finally, after building himself a reputation as an antiques dealer to the rich and famous with an eye for treasures, a chance meeting with a TV exec at a barbecue began David's journey to primetime TV on "Bargain Hunt", and in his autobiography David shares some of his experiences of sudden celebrity.

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David Dickinson, well known TV presenter and star, and a real life antiques dealer of over twenty-five years has written two excellent books, giving advice to collectors on buying and selling antiques.

Both books are highly accessible to the novice and thoroughly entertaining even to people with just a passing interest in antiques. They are both crammed full of antiquing tips so that the most seasoned collector will still learn more than a trick or two and there are many entertaining anecdotes to keep David's fans rivetted.

The Antiques Buyer Book

Book: "The Antiques Buyer"

The moment you read David Dickinson's quote on the cover "If I knew 25 years ago what you will learn from this book, I could have saved myself a lot of disappointment and a hell of a lot of money..." you're assured that you are in for a very entertaining read.

It is testimony to his pragmatic approach to acquiring knowledge, written with David's own candor and humour he's not afraid to reveal the mistakes he's made as well as revel in his successes.

He draws from his personal experience of dealing in antiques, (and bear in mind he is still very much a working trader today) shares with us the times he was an interested amateur and introduces to his family and friends.

His enthusiasm and passion for the subject are infused into every page and it's beautifully illustrated throughout with photographs largely taken from his personal collection. It's an engaging book, would make a great gift and who knows it might even be a coveted antique of the future!

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David Dickinson books

Book: "Dickinsons Bargain Hunter's Handbook"

This great little book will fit easily into your pocket as you set off on your own Bargain Hunting adventure. It will give you guidance and tips on buying and selling antiques at all types of antique fairs, shops,sales and auctions. There are even interesting anecdotes nestled in to keep you entertained.

Iif you're not sure where to start looking or what to look for it will help you out there too, with lists of places to visit throughout England, Scotland and Wales including phone numbers and even web addresses where appropriate.

There's also good advice on how and what to start collecting.

So what are you waiting for? You now have no excuse not to go out and start acquiring the knowledge, asking informed questions, building a collection to enjoy and treasure and having lots of fun. It's an interest you can pursue alone or with all generations of the family, come rain or shine.

And remember you've got a lot longer than 'just one hour, to get out there and find a bargain' as David used to tell his contestants on BBC's "Bargain Hunt"!

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Who do you think you are David Dickinson

DVD Set: "Who Do You Think You Are" - Series 3

The popular BBC2 TV series follows eight well-known celebrities as they go back to their roots and research their, at times, surprising family histories.

The celebrities featured in this series along with David Dickinson himself, are David Tennant, Barbara Windsor, Robert Lindsay, Colin Jackson, Julia Sawalha, Jeremy Irons, and Nigella Lawson.

"I was really moved by David Dickinson's programme in which he went back to look at the circumstances surrounding his adoption as a child - Wonderful!"

Discover the interesting and very personal stories behind each of the celebrities and their family histories.

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