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Real Deal Dealer Days

Ever wondered what goes on at a Dickinson's Real Deal Dealer Day?

Antiques Expert David Dickinson says of Dickinson's Real Deal Dealer Days "There are always a lot of people and a lot of items. You never know what might come through the doors!"

It's an early start for David Dickinson and the Dickinson's Real Deal team. The doors open to the public at 9.00 am and everything and everyone needs to be in place before then. David will usually have arrived in the town of the venue the night before, to be sure to be bright and ready to do business on the Dickinson's Real Deal Dealer's Day which is a long one with a constant flow of people to see throughout the day until 5.00 pm

Once admitted to the venue, the item owners get in line and everyone will have their items assessed and valued. Please remember the premise of the show is based on the willingness of the vendor to sell their items either to a DRD dealer or later at auction.Also at this point it will be decided if an item is interesting enough to be filmed with a view to including it in an edition of Dickinson's Real Deal.

Many of your favourite Dickinson's Real Deal Dealers will be present at each venue, as several shows are made from one Dealer Day. Mike Melody was born in Blackpool but will travel and deals at fairs up and down the country and even abroad, so you might expect to see him at any dealer day.

Dickinson's Real Deal favourites Ian Townley and David Ford both deal on Chelsea's King Road although Ian's roots are French and Indian.They both like to travel to see what people from different parts of the country have to offer. Karen Dalmeny and Brenda Haller are long serving Dickinson's Real Deal Dealers representing the ladies of the antique trade.

So if you have interesting items on display or which are simply gathering dust in a forgotten corner why not take them along to a Dickinson's Real Deal Dealer Day and see what you can achieve for them. The decision to sell to the dealer or take your chance at auction is always yours and David Dickinson is at hand if advice is needed.

Here at www.david-dickinson.net we always post up-to-date information on venues and dates of Dealer dates as soon as they are confirmed. Filming for the next series will continue through the year, so be sure to visit our Dates and Venues frequently for your chance to take your goods along, meet and greet David Dickinson and Dickinson's Real Deal Dealers and possibly raise some cash or be part of the TV show or both. Now that is Dickinson's Real Deal!

And remember you still have chance to gain a great cash prize by simply watching Dickinson's Real Deal on TV and entering the daily competition for great cash prizes.

It's free to enter online. For more details see our Dickinson's Real Deal Cash Competition page.

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