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Thanks to my fans

Fans of David Dickinson!

David Dickinson has a very broad fan base, people of all ages appreciate his passion for antiques, his ability to enthuse his audience, his warm smile, humour, sense of style and exotic good looks. He has become something of a cult figure amongst students.

David has said many times how important to him and his career his fans are. He is thankful for his popularity as well as a little bemused by it. 

This page celebrates David's fans, so don't forget your cameras and mobile phones when you go along to meet him!

Anyone wishing to contribute to this page should email the webmaster of this site fiona@david-dickinson.net with their submissions.

Pictures of me with some of my Fans, along with some interesting additions!

Hot off the blocks and one of the first people to meet up with David Dickinson and the Real Deal team recently was Hayley Sharpe who went along to a Dickinson's Real Deal filming at the Lincolnshire Showground.

Hayley and a bunch of her friends were delighted to spend time chatting with David so they sent in this 'fantastic' photo and in return David made sure they each received an autographed photo to thank them for their support. That's what we call the Real Deal!

Fans of David Dickinson

Filming for the latest series of Dickinson's Real Deal sees David Dickinson attending dealer days and auctions up and down the country to ensure another batch of entertaining and informative shows. If you have a photograph of David taken at a Dickinson's Real Deal day, why not send it into us and we will do our best to include it in this new Dickinson's Real Deal Section.

Marie Parkin loves David Dickinson

Fans catch up with David Dickinson all over the place. Nick Banks was enjoying a beach holiday in Barbados, when he spotted David. Nick was quick to bag himself a rare, quality souvenir - this fab photo of himself and the Duke. Thanks for sending the photo in Nick we hope you had a crackin' time.

Laura Williams (Chaddertonian born and bred) has sent in this quirky little limerick, why not submit a limerick of your own about David Dickinson?

To Dave (the legend)

There was a young man named Dave,
who loved the antiques rave,
he shouted 'cheap as chips',
now I'll make you some tips,
and give you a jolly old wave

David Dickinson tan

US fans have been watching 'Dealing with Dickinson' and David Hunt sent in this short rhyme to celebrate:

When asked about the price on a lot.
There’s profit to be made on the spot.
So you have a good feeling?
It’s with Dickinson you're dealing!
And at the end, there’ll be gold in the pot.

Big David Dickinson fan Marie remembers a favourite episode from the original seriesof Dickinson's Real Deal, in which David found himself begging on bended knee for the auctioneer to accept an item for auction. The mug brought in by a lady named Rashida. It was all good fun and when Rashida's mug failed to make it's reserve David even dug deep and gave her some of his own money. 

Quite frankly, I don’t know what’s wrong with me,
I’m healthy, I’m sane, but just recently
Something has started to happen to me,
Starts at two thirty until half past three.
Stood there lookin like you ain’t kiddin,
If you was selling, boy I’d be biddin!
In a room full of people all shouting out loud,
I spot you a mile off , you stand out in a crowd
With those boyish good looks and suits done to a tee
I reject the “old tat”.  I can spot quality.
Stood up, sat down your look sure does please, but
None more so than when you’re on your knees.
You begged the 'okshuneer' to take Rashidas old pot,
Oh David that was not “a crackin lot”.
But when I saw you on that day,my own knees very nearly gave way.
I’d turn into a jibbering wreck, Mike could keep his Gregory peck
If I could see you in the flesh. I jest you not, this is no foolery,
I’ll cross my heart on Ian's jewellery!
There's just one thing I'd love, you see, 
That’s for you to sign your autobiography 
And for me to stand next to the legend that is Davy D.

xxxxx Marie

Generous Marie bid and won both the autographed photo's recently auctioned on Ebay for the charity National Institute for the Blind as advertised on our site.

Sinead Harvey has cherished this photo of herself and David Dickinson, taken in Liverpool, for many years - much to the envy of her friends, only now Sinead has told us a secret, we couldn't possibly comment but is that the Real Deal Dickinson? What do you think viewers?? Thanks Sinead, great craic!

Sinaed Harvey meets David Dickinson

Night of a Thousand Dave's? Well, about thirty at least!

Johnathan Crawford is a final year design student at Edinburgh College of Art, and was the proud host of a special Christmas party. The invitations demanded that everyone come dressed as David Dickinson.

Here are some selected images from the party featuring Jon (in the pink shirt) his girlfriend Helen and his mate Dan (as auctioneer's assistant). Jon says 'The party involved a live auction and the whole bash went down a storm. Nothing like 30 dukes in a room at once... 'This was an excellent effort by Jon and his friends who were rewarded with a really fun night.

Auction by David Dickinson

Some of your unusual tributes to "The Duke"

The Cole family from Wrenbury Nantwich in Cheshire say "we love The Duke so much we recreated him in our village's Scarecrow Trail "

Sue Harris is such a big David Dickinson fan that her sister-in-law included an image of him on Sue's 'fantastic' birthday cake! Congratulations ladies, may I call you girls?!

This is Khan his Pedigree name is Chowpers Bobby Dazzler and his owner Shirley Andrew, smiles every time David shouts "Bobby Dazzler!"

Details of venues and dates for the Dickinson's Real Deal filming's will be posted on our Dates & Venues page as soon as details have been confirmed. Get your skates on, get down to a dealer day and lets hope you make a Dickinson's Real Deal!.

Share Your Dickinson's Real Deals! 

Have you attended a Dickinson's Real Deal filming day, maybe you sold an item of your own at the Dickinson's Real Deal Dealer Day or Auction, please let us know, we'd love to highlight your very own Dickinson's Real Deal on this page.

Submit Your Fan Fotos and Stories

We look forward to receiving your stories and photographs and will consider everyone for publication. Please send them to fiona@david-dickinson.net

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