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David Dickinson - The Duke - What A Bobby Dazzler

In 2003 I published my best selling autobiograhy entitled 'The Duke - What A Bobby Dazzler' , in which I reveal all, I speak with warmth and humour about my upbringing, personal life and I give you an insight into my working life and TV career. The book is now available in paperback buy it here

David Dickinson - Provenance

I was born during World War II in Cheadle Heath part of Stockport. and lodged at 'Barnado's Orphanage for Waifs and Strays' as it was then called. I was quickly adopted as a baby by Joyce and Jim Dickinson and welcomed into a warm extended family.

I began my interest in trading at a young age and at school I was always swopping marbles and generally trading small things. I always had an eye for the finer things in life, I remember running alongside particularly flash cars....saying 'Mister it's magnificent! Can I have a look at it? '

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At the age of about twelve I discovered I had been adopted. I don't know why but it didn't come as a heart-rending shock. I was lucky to be surrounded by a loving family and Mum explained that she had first seen me in the orphanage as a tiny baby and had chosen me, quite wisely I thought. I grew strong bonds with my Grandmother who I called 'Nanny' and my dear Auntie Ethel. It was my Auntie Ethel who explained that I was born David Gulessarian and that my Mother was of Armenian descent. I later went on to discover more about my roots in the BBC documentary 'Who Do You Think You Are?'

Aren't Genetics Peculiar?

My Nanny taught me good principles, and when I left school at fourteen-and-a-half she sent me to a factory to learn engineering. After six months as an apprentice I left and got a job in the textile trade; then I went on my own as a commission agent. I would dash from one importer to another with samples and sell them on commission. In my early twenties, I decided to contact my birth Mother, who was then living in Jersey. We communicated by letter for some years but we never met. Interestingly I discovered that my Grandfather was an Armenian silk trader who had moved to Manchester in 1910 and sold suiting material in the very same streets I began trading! Aren't genetics peculiar, It's my Armenian Grandfather to whom I attribute my passion for the flamboyant and for trading.

I Took The Wrong Turning

It's no secret that when I was just 19, I was jailed with some associates after our Mail Order business went bust. I was a young bloke trying to get on. But I took the wrong turning and paid the price. It was a very silly thing I did. I got into trouble and I paid the penalty - and rightly so. I've never had a day's dishonesty since and I've worked hard to establish a good reputation in my antiques business.

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