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Dickinson's Real Deal

I've been hosting Dickinson's Real Deal since 2006, notching up more than 1000 episodes. Dickinson's Real deal has consistently been one of the most popular daytime shows on ITV regularly drawing more than a million viewers each weekday afternoon.

I am always on hand, keeping an eye on the dealings and giving advice on whether the seller should take the dealer's cash or take a chance and come with me to the auction.

The final decision of course lies with the seller to decide which option will lead to the 'Real Deal'.

dickinson's real deal


The Real Deal

This is the show where you can turn up with your unwanted antiques and leave at the end of the day with cash in your pocket. The challenge is how to get the best deal: the real deal. You can accept the money on offer from the dealer and that's tempting when our dealers turn on the charm and there is hard cash, guraranteed, within your grasp.

But you might prefer to take your chance in the auction room. It's a gamble but you should achieve the true market value and it's an exciting experience, often with surprise results that can almost leave me speechless!

Dickinson's Real Deal - Variations

The show has enjoyed a stint at a prime time slot in 30 minute episodes and we have also had Celebrity editions where the Celebrity brings along one of their own possessions to sell.

Cash is King

So take a look in your attic or in the back of wardrobe you just might have a hidden treasure to bring along and turn into cash. Visit our websites other Dickinson's Real Pages, check out the dates and venues I look forward to meeting you.

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