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  • Come On In! Come On In! Hello, and welcome to The Official David Dickinson Website
  • The Duke The Duke David Dickinson is known for his sartorial elegance
  • Dickinson's Real Deal Dickinson's Real Deal David has expert knowledge of antiques and helps people get their 'Real Deal' on his ITV show every weekday.
  • David Reveals All! David Reveals All! In his autbiography 'The Duke - What a Bobby Dazzler'
  • What a Crackin' Pair What a Crackin' Pair David and his wife Lorne have been a golden couple for nearly 50 years
  • What A Bobby Dazzler! What A Bobby Dazzler! David loves to be the centre of attention and is always grateful to his fans
  • Where Did He Get That Hat? Where Did He Get That Hat? David's TV work has won him many awards
  • Cash is King Cash is King Dickinson's Real Deal where cash can be made from sales and daily competitions.
  • Sex Bomb Sex Bomb Just one song David danced to on Strictly! He has appered on many TV favourites.


Welcome to The Official David Dickinson Website

I've been dealing in antiques for over 30 years and it's my natural tan and flamboyant dress sense that seems to get me noticed.

Read on and you'll see that there is more to The Duke than meets the eye.

I will soon be filming for the next series of Dickinson's Real Deal the weekday ITV show which helps sellers realise the best price for their unwanted anitiques and I have a great time travelling the country meeting up with all the folks from every walk of life that come through our doors on dealer days hoping to get the Real Deal.

Bargain Hunt and Beyond

I began my TV career in 1996, but it was BBC Bargain Hunt which made me famous. I couldn't understand it at first I was just doing what came naturally but everyone seemed to pick up on my catchphrases such as 'cheap as chips' and 'what a bobby dazzler'. I was delighted when the show won a National Television Award in 2002 and I was there to accept it.

My growing popularity lead to me being invited to do lots of TV work and you can find out more in the 'On TV' section, where I comment on some of my TV Highlights including 'Strictly Come Dancing' and 'I'm a Celebrity'. I was particulary honoured to appear on This is Your Life in 2002.


I do consider myself a lucky guy however my life hasn't always been plain sailing and you can learn more about the ups and downs in the 'About Me' section where I've included a brief autobiography

I always keep my stately size elevens firmly on the ground and I remember my fans are the most important people in my career.

You ain't seen nothing yet kid!

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